Calvary Apostolic Assembly Newport exists to glorify God and we desire to be led by the Holy Spirit into the community and the world in order to share the Glory and grace of God through Jesus Christ. We are an open fellowship of free and faithful Christians, committed to a journey characterised by serious study, intentional worship, loving and compassionate fellowship and hands-on ministry. We are a Christ-centred church because we believe God calls us to be centred in Christ.

We value service to God, other members, and the community and we believe that God calls us to be servant leaders. We believe that God calls us to study the whole scripture and so we value the whole Bible, and believe that God reveals the Bible as our source of faith. We believe God calls us to reach out to and welcome all persons in Jesus’ name.

Worship With Us

Sunday: 1:30 PM – 4:30 PM

Wednesday: 4:30 PM – 5:30 PM

New Testament Church 173 Commercial Road Newport NP20 2PL

Pastore Brian & Triphine Smart
07888008132 / 07808506559 / 07886525341

Contact Us

  • Telephone: 01215540831
  • Mobile: 07886525341
  • Address: Hockley Hill, Hockley, B18 5AA

About Us

We are a multi-national Pentecostal church under UPC Great Britain. God has called us to reach out and bring all His vessels to the sanctuary. We want you to know that our God loves and cares for you. 

Upcoming Events

CAA Apostolic Conference, Birmingham:
31st May – 3rd June 2018

Exceeding Expansion, Birmingham:
28th – 30th September 2018

Conference Registration forms now available in all CAA Branches

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