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In simple terms, partnership is a term for a group of people or individuals coming together for a particular purpose, aim or goal. It may also mean these individuals or groups have a desired target or achievement and they utilise their strength within their ability to achieve it as a team. Co-operatives have done it to maximise their potential and probably profitability. Nations have partnered to achieve particular goals, economic & political purposes. There is immense evidence around us today, sometimes called Alliances. Governmental structures have partnered for better service, and other purposes. Praise the Lord, Husbands and Wives Partner to build family structure, Children and a home (Man and Woman only please, Yes Adam & Eve, indeed Christ & the Church). There are many Biblical examples.

God had a plan of blessing all Nations then he picked Abram to achieve his plan. God delivered the Israelites from bondage, he used Moses. When Amalek fought Israel, Joshua was in the battlefield, Moses was on top the Hill with Aaron & Hur, when Moses’ hands were heavy, Aaron & Hur helped him, The goal was one for all of them, but they helped each other, Read Exodus 17:8-16. Jesus with his Disciples, Peter and the Sons of Zebedee (Luke 5: 1-10). Paul & Silas, Peter & John, The Holy Ghost said separate Barnabas & Saul……Acts 13:1-4 the list keeps going.

You can also partner with us to raise funds that will be used in the expansion of the kingdom of God. Simply fill in the form to express your interest to partner with us.

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About Us

We are a multi-national Pentecostal church under UPC Great Britain. God has called us to reach out and bring all His vessels to the sanctuary. We want you to know that our God loves and cares for you. 

Upcoming Events

CAA Apostolic Conference, Birmingham:
31st May – 3rd June 2018

Exceeding Expansion, Birmingham:
28th – 30th September 2018


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