Partnership, in simple terms, means groups of people or individuals coming together for a particular purpose, aim or goal. It may also mean these individuals or groups have a desired target or achievement and they utilise their strength within their ability to achieve it as a team.

Co-operatives have done it to maximise their potential and probably profitability

Nations have partnered to achieve particular goals, economic & political purposes, there is immense evidence around us today, sometimes called Alliances

Governmental structures have partnered for better service, and other purposes

Praise the Lord, Husbands and Wives Partner to build family structure, Children and a home (Man and Woman only please, Yes Adam & Eve, indeed Christ & the Church)

There are many Biblical examples?

God had a plan of blessing all Nations then he picked Abram to achieve his plan God delivered the Israelites from bondage, he used Moses

When Amalek fought Israel, Joshua was in the battlefield, Moses was on top the Hill with Aaron & Hur, when Moses’s hands were heavy, Aaron & Hur helped him, The goal was one for all of them, but they helped each other, Read Exodus 17:8-16

Jesus with his Disciples, Peter and the Sons of Zebedee (Luke 5: 1-10)

Paul & Silas, Peter & John, The Holy Ghost said separate Barnabas & Saul……Acts 13:1-4 the list keeps going

We have been given a vision and a direct mandate to reach this country and beyond, The LORD has clearly said He will use us mightily and shown to us a unstoppable vision to reach souls with the Gospel, with Healing & deliverance, signs and wonders, and equipping the body with the Word of God, many have been restored to life, ministers have been raised in this ministry, and we are ready for the best which is yet to come, The Lord has spoken to us some powerful things we would not share on paper at this time

OUR Goal

Very simple, we want to do exactly what the Lord has directed and will continue directing


You partner with us to maximise our level of impact and effectiveness, if co-operatives who have earthly missions can do it, we believe we can do this for the Glory of God, if Nations with political goals and so forth can partner-which is a biblical principle, we can do more for the Kingdom, we request you to partner with us and encourage someone to partner with this Ministry for the Glory of God.


To update you with progress, send you relevant info Treat your partnership special, support you to the best of our ability Make partnership seminars/ evenings for prayers and fellowship Monthly, set a day of Fasting and prayer to pray for you, discounted price on certain products (PARTNERS ONLY items)


Pray for the us to achieve the mandate placed upon by God Support us financially monthly with an amount set by you

How do you partner?

Simply Email us with Full name, Surname, Address, contact numbers, amount of partnership (This can be whatever you can afford)

Tell us when do you want to start, you can start immeadiately if you are ready. If you want to donate a certain amount once a year please let us know. We recommend a standing order with your bank which is easy, you do it once, either via internet banking, telephone banking or going to your nearest branch. We will send you our bank details when you contact us.

May God Bless You

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