Women Ministry

This Ministry aim to raise God fearing families and homes, where all young and old are nourished, nursed, loved and groomed in the way of God. We aim to achieve this by raising:

1. God fearing woman
· This comes by equipping them with the word of God.
· By encouraging solitary and cooperative prayers.
· By being able to impact others around us.
· To be meek, humble, gentle as well as being sociable.

2. High standard of Holiness(Hebrews 12:14)

“Holiness is both inward and outward. It includes attitude, thoughts and spiritual stewardship, but also actions, appearance and physical stewardship. Both aspects are essential. The life of holiness is a continual striving for perfection. No one is absolutely perfect, but everyone can be relatively perfect and mature. God expects continual growth in grace and knowledge and increasing production of spiritual fruit.”
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